Somebody Cares America’s chapter in Baltimore is coordinating local church support for first responders working in recovery efforts after the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26.

“While mobilizing support for the first responders, we worked with the four churches at the base of the bridge to organize in-person and virtual prayer vigils, as well as collecting and mobilizing donated goods,” says Pastor Matt Steven, SC Baltimore’s Founder and President. Over 18 pallets of food, snacks, and drinks have been received and distributed, he said, adding:

“More than 65 churches and ministries spent the last two weeks rallying support, food, and supplies for the massive first responder effort. We are now working together to care for the families of the seven victims.”

Rescue and recovery efforts are currently transitioning to focus on removal of the bridge to create an emergency channel; removing parts of the bridge ridge to recover remaining victims; then removal of the cargo ship and the rest of debris.

With the bridge collapse disrupting the city’s major commerce route, the economic impact is projected to be in the billions, Stevens said, affecting hundreds of small businesses and hospitality workers. Because of that, SCB will also be mobilizing efforts to help those affected with finding financial stability during the duration of the rebuild.

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