The Somebody Cares offices in Houston were badly damaged during Hurricane Ike.  But even in the midst of construction work, soggy carpets, and damaged equipment and a move to a temporary location, Somebody Cares was still reaching out to help others in greater need.

Arrangements were made to open Camp Hope at Grace Community Church south campus in Houston where food and water will be distributed to the community as well as hot meals served.

 An elderly woman in a flooded house was sent evacuation assistance.
Generators and tarps are being located for shelters, medical clinics and communty service locations so they can continue to care for the needy.
Plans were made to open a hot meal station in La Porte, Texas, a community along Galveston Bay that was hit hard by the storm.
But this is just a start.  Electricity is not expected to be restored to many areas for 3 to 4 weeks!  Stores will not be open.  Gas stations will remain closed.  Air conditioning will not be available.  City services will be minimal.  Many more individuals, families and communities need the tangible expression of God’s love that Somebody Cares offers.
 Please join us in offering help and hope to Ike victims

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