As SCA/I network partners are serving on the ground in Turkey and Syria following last week’s tragic earthquake, where they are sharing the love of Jesus.

Crisis Response International is working at the one of the site’s where the quake hit in Adana, Turkey. An advance team is on-site now assessing specific needs and setting up a base camp for teams, which begin to arrive on February 15. They are currently distributing heaters and blankets to distribute, along with meeting other urgent needs. They will also be offering solar audio Bibles in Turkish, Syrian, and other regional languages.

Iran Alive Ministries has a network of churches already established throughout Turkey, sharing help and hope with Iranian and Afghan refugees who have relocated to their cities. With no family or other support to help them get re-established, IAM churches are working toward the goal of placing families in homes and covering the first 1-2 months of their rent and food while they are getting established in new cities.  IAM pastors are also trained in emotional/spiritual/trauma care.

A Lebanese church network that is connected with the leadership of SC New England is serving on-site in Syria, transporting aid to non-government-controlled areas such as Aleppo. Because of Syria’s civil war and their government’s restrictions, the UN is very limited in what it is allowed to send into that area so the burden for aid lies largely on NGOs and churches. There is desperate need for basic aid like blankets, food, water, tents, medicines and more.

A Turkish church network is providing hot meals and sharing God’s love in the disaster area. Churches in the network are purchasing blankets, warm clothing, and other supplies for survivors.


Volunteers  caring for a Muslim refugee couple who had to relocate to Antalya learned the couple’s son was still missing. They joined in prayer for his safety and return. Five days after the quake, their son was discovered alive, and they were reunited! This family is giving glory to Jesus because the team prayed for the protection and safety of their son.

Financial donations will be sent to partners on-site to expedite acquiring supplies

  • $25 can give hot meals to earthquake survivors and rescue teams
  • $50 can supply blankets for a displaced family of five
  • $100 can provide a week of food to those who lost everything
  • $500 can help fill and transport a vehicle of supplies into Syria
  • $1500 can provide a month of food and housing for an Iranian or Afghan refugee family
    relocating to Antalya, Turkey
  • Any amount will help spread the love of Jesus to people in desperate need!

You can give today at