Somebody Cares partners are already on the ground in Indiana and Kentucky responding to a deadly storm system that spawned over 40 tornadoes this weekend.  The tornadoes damaged  homes, schools and churches, and took lives. According to news reports, at least 39 deaths and hundreds of homes were destroyed in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, and Georgia.

But amid the flattened homes, gutted churches and crunched up cars, startling stories of survival emerged, including a couple who were hiding in a restaurant basement when a school bus crashed through the wall, and a pastor nearly buried in his church’s basement.

SCA’s partners are connecting with local emergency management personnel, pastors and partner-organization in Indiana and Kentucky to assess the damage.


You can help by making an online donation toward SCA’s disaster relief efforts. With your support, we can rush much needed supplies giving relief to survivors and offer loving support as they begin the long road of recovery.  Please make an on-line donation today!