Somebody Cares has teamed up with partnering ministries to deliver living giving aid to survivors of monster Cyclone Nargis.  Nargis devastated the Arwady Delta region of Myanmar killing upwards of 80,000 people and leaving over a million homeless.  It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of children where orphaned by the storm.  Many are in grave danger of dying from disease, lack of water, food and shelter. While many relief agencies struggle to gain entry to this tightly controlled country and relief cargo is routinely confiscated at the ports of entry, the Somebody Cares network has already dispersed critical goods, water, shelter and other supplies directly to Cyclone survivors in some of the most vulnerable areas!

Teams are preparing to return to Myanmar in the near future with additional help. (FULL STORY)

Working with local churches and pastors, Somebody Cares network partners have provided fresh drinking water, emergency food, medicines, and shelter for orphans and villagers ravaged by the storm.  Where the community is stable enough, teams have also begun rebuilding lives by providing farm animals so families can become self-sufficient again as quickly as possible.


The opportunity to share Christ through tangible expressions of His love is ripe.  Your help is urgently needed right now!  Consider this:

  • $27 can send a child back to school with clothes, school supplies, books and tuition
  • $70 can provide for fresh water wells in villages whose water systems are now salty
  • $100 can feed a family of four for a month
  • $100 can send local teams into remote regions (where foreigners can’t go) with emergency relief supplies
  • 150 can restart a family business for self-sustainability
  • $250 can provide critical medicines and medical care to treat malaria, cholera, diarrhea and other tropical diseases laying waste to the population.
  • $300 can provide housing for a family for a month
  • $3,000 can start a Christian orphanage for 30 children AND provide farm animals to ensure its self-sustainability
  • $15,000 can rebuild a church and community center (440 were destroyed by Cyclone Nargis) with a fresh water well to serve as the center of villages that rebuild.

Join Somebody Cares disaster response efforts and bring hope and help to Cyclone survivors and others by making an online donation today!