SCA is part of a nationwide prayer network that saves lives!

As part of the nationwide Prayer & Crisis Referral Network, Somebody Cares joins hundreds of ministries and churches across the U.S. to offer prayer lines that are accessed by text or phone call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In May of this year, these prayer lines nationwide ministered to nearly 37,000 callers, with 261 salvations and 10 suicide preventions. Of those, 533 calls/texts came directly through the dedicated SCA line. Volunteers are equipped with resources they can refer callers to for further, practical assistance according to the geographic area where the caller is located.

“Thank you so much for the amazing outreach you all do. Because of you, we have great opportunities to pray for many precious people,” said Linda Morrison, founder and director of PCRN. The many testimonies include rescues from trafficking abductions.

In January, two women ages 23 and 28 were having lunch at a restaurant in Orlando when the 28-year-old mother of three felt woozy, as if she had been drugged. So she asked to go home. Additionally, the  younger friend did not feel well.

The 23-year-old dropped off her friend and proceeded home. But the traffickers followed her to her apartment. In fear, she left. Upon returning, her home was ransacked. She ran out the door, but was followed and caught. Meanwhile, the husband of the 28-year-old realized his wife was missing and filed a missing person’s report.

After 2 ½ months, the 23-year-old escaped. As she was running, she spoke into her phone and asked Siri for prayer. Siri gave her one of the network’s prayer lines.

When she called, the prayer minister asked if she wanted the Crisis Referral Team to call her back. She agreed and gave her phone number. But because the abductors tracked her through her phone, it was not an easy task. When they finally connected, the team gave her numbers to organizations that help rescue victims. They also alerted the FBI, who located her and took her to a safe place. However, the mother of three is still missing and needs our prayers. She was likely sent out of the country.

“This is the fourth time Siri has listed one of our prayer lines as the first resource for prayer,” Linda said.

On another occasion, two children were hiding from an abusive parent under the bed when they, too, asked Siri for prayer. They were connected with a Prayer Line volunteer, who dispatched police and got then to safety.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of our dedicated prayer team who are so compassionate and dedicated to ensure a person’s physical needs are met,” she said. “I have been so encouraged to watch the perseverance of the Crisis Referral team to meet those needs.”

Your support enables Somebody Cares to be a part of this network while also supporting a prayer ministry that is truly rescuing lives. Thank you for caring!

If you have a prayer need, please call our Somebody Cares Prayer Line at 859-455-CARE.

If you would like to be a Prayer Line volunteer, please fill out our application HERE.