Our annual Somebody Cares Summit in Houston, Texas is scheduled to begin Sunday evening, March 22, and will conclude with our Turning Point Ministries banquet on Tuesday, March 24. If you have ever joined us, you know this is a time of great encouragement and impartation. As we hear the incredible testimonies of what God is doing in our nation and around the globe, we are reminded we are part of something “bigger than ourselves.”
As you’ve often heard me say, “The Kingdom of God is built on relationships” and “Our relationships define our destinies.” I invite you to mark your calendars now for this great time to connect with our Somebody Cares chapter leaders, local and visiting pastors, front-line laborers, intercessors, marketplace ministers, and worshipers, who all share the heart of God to see His Kingdom come on earth by being a tangible expression of  Christ. As we spend time together in His presence, He equips and empowers us to be part of the NET that WORKS!

Among our keynote speakers this year will be Pastor LONNY ROBBINS from Trinity Fellowship/Somebody Cares Pampa and fourth-term mayor of Pampa. Lonny’s testimony of the ability to bring transformation through godly government has even caught the attention of the secular news! As this article in the National Pastors Prayer Network e-letter states: “He had been preaching for years to his congregation about getting involved in their community and finally was challenged to run for office. He was thrust by God out of his comfort zone and won the mayor’s race. Recently re-elected to a [fourth] two year term, Mayor Robbins considers himself a city gatekeeper and a pastor to the city. God has blessed, and Pampa has prospered financially because of his righteous influence as a leader of the city.”

We will also hear from:

  • NAILA RICKETTS is president of Prayer 2000 in Jamaica, an organization uniting over 2,000 churches through prayer utiliz­ing corporate prayer sessions and training in strategic and informed intercession. Rev. Ricketts introduced the nations of the Caribbean to Somebody Cares in 2008, and SC Carib­bean was birthed as the vehicle to translate prayer into acts of compassion. Learn how a passion for prayer and commitment to walk with God in obedience, holiness, and humility can impact a nation.
  •  MARLENE YEO from Somebody Cares New England. Marlene is the epitome of an ordinary person being used by God to do extraordinary things not only in the lives of individuals but by using her to influence her entire community and her region. From 1992- 2004 Marlene served as a youth minister and associate pastor, with a strong core of 75 youth who were trained and raised up in leadership. These youth were missionaries to their high schools, deacons, worship leaders and intercessors who were instrumental in reaching thousands of youth with the love and power of Christ. In 1998, God placed a new mantle on Marlene to take the youth and the love of Christ to the streets in the city of Haverhill, Massachusetts. She birthed an inner city ministry called “H.O.P.E.” (Haverhill Ourtreach Practical Evangelism) and modeled a life of compassion while training the youth to be city missionaries. In July 2002, Marlene met Doug Stringer, and by March of 2003, Somebody Cares New England was birthed. Today, SCNE reaches out to the homeless, elderly and others in need with their coffee house, pantry, discipleship homes, television program, youth outreaches, street church ministry, and more.
  •  PAUL TAN was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and came to the U.S. to study business. Following his conversion, he was involved in revival among the Indonesians in the U.S. In 1989 he left his business to become the senior pastor of LA City Blessing Churches and now heads up World Blessing Foundation and Indonesian Relief Fund as well. After meeting Doug Stringer, Paul was instrumental in bringing the Somebody Cares DNA to Southern California and Indonesia. Paul and his minisries have been key partners with Somebody Cares throughout the years—especially during tsunami relief and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike—a prime example of the importance of building global relationships.
  • JOE WINGO has a mission to provide hope and a hand up to people in need. Angel Food Ministries—which he and his wife, Linda, co-founded in 1994 as they distributed groceries to needy neighbors from their own home—is now cutting-edge in the food-relief industry, providing much-needed nutrition to more than 500,000 families each month. You’ll be inspired as you hear Joe share how God took his vision to help the hurting and multiplied his fishes and loaves! You’ll learn the benefits Angel Food offer can to  your own organization.

Other chapters will share what God is doing in their communities as well.

For more information, call us at 713-621-1498.

Thank you for caring!

Dr. J. Doug Stringer, Founder and President
Turning Point Ministries International
Somebody Cares America/International