Somebody Cares America Update

December 15, 2006

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  • Finding Help in Houston

“This is an emergency,” the young woman said when she called the Somebody Cares office in Houston. “I’ve made so many calls and no one has been able to help” She had been calling agencies and churches to find assistance, and one of them referred her to us.

She and her family had just moved from rural Texas to Houston during the Thanksgiving holiday. Her husband came for work, but the plans fell through. They were staying in a hotel—while he was looking for another job—but had run out of cash, so the hotel asked them to leave. To make matters worse, a cold front had brought freezing temperatures and a biting wind. They had no choice but to stay in their car—which would not start—with their six-month old baby, trying to keep warm until they could find some help.

Upon learning where the family was located, we immediately called one of our ministry partners in that area of town. Without hesitation, they visited the family and purchased food and groceries for them. Somebody Cares paid two night’s rent at the hotel to get them back into a warm place, out of the cold. When we followed up the next day, the young mother was so grateful and even surprised to that we would go the extra mile for strangers in need. They had decided to move back to their hometown.

Thank you for helping us be the hands and feet of Jesus, as we let people know…Somebody Cares.

  • SCA now a member of ECFA!

Somebody Cares America has been accepted as an official member of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. Though the ministry has always been known as a ministry of integrity, to be approved by ECFA requires an extensive review of the ministry’s spending and fundraising, along with an independent financial audit. “We are delighted that your organization has joined of 1,200 evangelical organization demonstrating compliance with the ECFA Standards of Responsible Stewardship,” said ECFA. “Your membership speaks of your organization’s integrity and accountability; this is a trust that needs to be carefully guarded.” SCA will be included in the ECFA website,

  • End of Year Reminder

Just a reminder that your gift postmarked by December 31 will not only help take us into a new year of ministry, but will also be tax deductible for the year 2006! You make your donation online at www.somebodycares.orgor mail it to PO Box 570007, Houston TX 77257. We can also receive donations of stock and property. Please call 713-621-1498.

Somebody Cares is a non-profit ministry that relies entirely on the prayer and financial donations of faithful friends and supporters. For more information, visit