Families are coming by to pick up toys, groceries and items from our SCH office.  Truly the fishes and loaves seem to be multiplying with the increased needs this year.  Thanks for your prayers and support!”

Faces of the homeless have been changing over the past 2 years.  According to a USA Today survey in 2008, more families with children can be found among their numbers. The dragging economy and high unemployment rate has placed a heavy toll on many.  So Somebody Cares is sharing the hope and love of Jesus with the homeless and others as well this Christmas!

In St. Augustine backpacks filled with essentials like socks, toothbrushes and non-perishable food were passed out to the homeless recently.  In Houston, ministry partner Montrose Street Reach had about 250 people attend a Christmas Street Church service where they received sleeping backs, backpacks, hygiene items, and Somebody Cares donated Who’s Your Daddy Now? booklets and other resources that share Christ’s love.  They also were fed by area churches and volunteers.  In New England a special Christmas meal is being hosted in honor of the homeless as well.

Struggling families are also receiving a dose of hope this year.  Grocery bags filled with nutritious food items like fresh fruit, soups, and canned vegetables are being distributed to families by Somebody Cares Houston along with gifts specifically selected for each family member.

Grateful smiles, warm hugs, and resounding Merry CHRIST-mas fill the air as people realize the Jesus STILL cares for them today!