Somebody Cares America/International is helping one of our ministry partners, The Digital Bible Society located in The Woodlands TX, collect blank CDs, which they will use to create biblical libraries on CD for the persecuted church in China. The Chinese Treasures CD contains three translations of the Bible and a wealth of Christian books, commentaries, study aids, Mandarin audio Scriptures and Christian resources and in both Chinese Traditional and Simplified type. They can be freely, quickly and easily reproduced from any computer.

“We give these CDs to missionaries for free or at cost,” says Ken Bitgood, director of DBS. “We’ve received so many notes and letters about how they’ve been accepted with joy! By the grace of God, we’ve distributed 150,000 so far, and our goal is to send another 50,000 into China by the end of this year. In order to keep doing this, we need help from the rest of the Body of Christ!”

Specific needs are:
¨    Spindles of CDs: purchase spindles of blank, writeable CDs, pray over them and donate them to DBS to be transformed into Biblical libraries for China!
¨    Prayer protection: join our email prayer group and faithfully seek God with us for His provision and direction for the ministry at DBS
¨    Financial assistance: we’re praying for monthly contributions that will help us continue the work of creating digital Bibles and sending them to China and beyond

Please visit our website at or email [email protected] for more info.