The charred remains of Roaring Fork Baptist Church

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is normally decked out and lit up like a picture perfect Christmas village this time of year. But instead of being a place of celebration, this week Gatlinburg and surrounding areas became a place of survival as high winds fueled raging wildfires that destroyed or damaged 1000 homes and businesses in the normally booming tourist town. Over 14,000 visitors and residents were evacuated, and many of those who remained are now staying in shelters. Thirteen lives have been lost with dozens of people still missing.

Somebody Cares has mobilized a team, on its way now to connect with partners on the ground, assess the damage, and determine specific needs.

Please pray for the people of Gatlinburg and consider giving a donation to help.

Those who lost their homes are in need of everything from shelter, food, and medicine, to personal hygiene items, household goods, new clothing, and so much more. While we are not accepting any goods at this point, financial donations are greatly needed so we can provide gift cards to families so they can get urgently needed items.

Due to the number of disasters we have responded to this year, our relief funds are nearly depleted. That’s why your partnership with us is so critical–we urgently need your financial support to help these hurting families! Please send us a generous gift today!

Thank you for caring!