From the time the harsh winter storm hit Texas, Somebody Cares has been responding to cries for help. The loss of power, icy roads, and water outages shut down businesses and schools and caused untold thousands of water pipes to burst. Even though the weather has warmed up, many remain without drinkable or even running water; families are on two-month waiting lists for plumbers; plumbing supplies are hard to come by; and many lost wages in an already difficult time. Somebody Cares continues to answer calls for help from individuals, churches, and even some townships in the region.

Eddie was behind on bills due to COVID shutdowns so his heat had been turned off, and he needed food during the height of the storm. SCA connected him with partner 1 Team 1 Fight, who quickly delivered food and took care of other issues as well. They also helped us take care of Irene, who needed blankets to ward off the cold.

A recently widowed mother called searching for help with a burst water pipe. SCA connected her with Craftsmen for Christ to get this urgent need addressed and we have been following up to help resolve some water damage issues.

A partner church contacted us about furniture for residents of an apartment complex that burned down during the cold snap and we are working to locate help for them as well.

In addition, Somebody Cares is equipping churches and ministries to distribute food, water, and other supplies to those still suffering in the aftermath. “We will impact 2500 families this week,” said Pastor Brandon Barber from partner church, Elevate People. “We would not be able to do that without you, Pastor Doug, and all of the partners at Somebody Cares. Thank you!” (See video below for more on the church’s storm response.)

SCA also provided funds for Las Buenas Nuevas Covenant Church to purchase items for a food outreach.

In addition, we are bringing in a truckload of bottled water from Midwest Food Bank to be distributed to families and communities still without potable water. And Somebody Cares has purchased plumbing supplies from out of state which a ministry partner is delivering to Houston this weekend. These supplies will be used to fix leaks for those on fixed incomes, those who have lost wages due to the storm, and others struggling without insurance coverage for water damage.

These efforts have been made possible through gracious donations from Mercury One, an anonymous foundation, and faithful supporters who are committed to being a tangible expression of Christ’s love to the hurting!

Please pray for all those in need and for those who are responding. Your gift today will help ensure we can respond to calls for help in this time of need.

Thank you for caring!