Did you know? September has been declared National Preparedness Month by President Obama. We at Somebody Cares are prepared to respond to those in crises and affected by disaster. The late Dr. Ed Cole used to say, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” Throughout the local, regional, and international disasters of the past few years, we learned a lot, through the grace of God and the lading of the Holy Spirit.

There is a sense of urgency now, however, that at any given time anything could happen and the church must be prepared. We can and should as the body of Christ be the first responders, ultimately becoming a tangible expression of Christ’s love. This is, of course, not limited only to the situations named above but to any human tragedy, from a national disaster to an individual crisis, such as a family who loses their home in a fire.

I (Doug) often quote Luke 21:13, that these disasters are an occasion for our testimony. We believe that by preparing YOU for possible disasters that might hit your area, the damage and loss can be greatly reduced, and we can equip you to be a true light of Christ to others in times of crisis.

We have a team that is passionately dedicated to helping you, and as we enter National Preparedness Month, we want to give you some tips and links to getting prepared!

http://www.preparednesspeace.com/ >> Get your home and family prepared!

https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/advice-disaster-protecthomefromwildfires >> Protecting Your Home from Wildfires

http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/prepare/ready.php >> Preparing for Hurricanes

www.72hours.org >> Step by step preparedness guide

http://tremor.nmt.edu/faq/prepare.html >> What you can do to prepare for an earthquake

http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/safety/tips/ >> Preparedness tips

www.ready.gov/today >> Click on a State and it gives you a summary of a disaster in the State but also common disasters in that State and how to prepare for it.

More tips and resources are available on our site, www.somebodycares.org, or by calling our office 713.621.1498. Please also consider helping those affected by disaster right now!