“What would it look like, in our lifetime, to see a city that was literally washed away rebuilt on a godly foundation?”

-Doug Stringer

A city-wide compassion crusade is planned for March in response to the ongoing needs of the city of New Orleans.  It’s called CONVERGE: Somebody Still Cares, New Orleans!  And we need you to consider joining us there! (Chose from three timeframe options between March 10-21)

We are recruiting work teams for construction and clean-up projects.  We’ll be offering youth-oriented athletic activities, concerts, and opportunities for random acts of kindness. We’re asking teams of intercessors to blanket the city with prayer before the outreach and join us to pray on-site with insight!

Who’s Coming:

  • Student groups
  • Athletes
  • Business people
  • Church teams
  • Prayer warriors
  • Caring people from all over the USA
  • And you?

Join us and show that prayer and compassion are not just events, they are a lifestyle.  Help leave a deposit of love in New Orleans by encouraging local churches and ministries for the long haul.   There are three different timeframes for involvement, click here for more details and to register.

If you can’t physically come, consider joining through prayer and financial gifts.  Your continued support will help rebuild a city—once known for its decadence—on a godly foundation.  Donate now!

Visit the official website for CONVERGE: Somebody Still Cares New Orleans.

“The church in New Orleans has been given the opportunity to be a voice of hope in a city that has a daily struggle finding the strength to continue on,” says Mark Roye, BloodNFire/Somebody Cares San Antonio. “I have never seen a city that is so spiritually vulnerable. It is time now for us to help them rise up and take their place with the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”