Somebody Cares invites you to join us in a Summer of Caring! We are reaching out to leaders, prisoners, and school children across the country, as well as international refugees, through the initiatives below.

  • Sudanese Refugee Relief: Somebody Cares is partnering with African Christians to hopefully provide desperately needed food, primary education, medical assistance, and the Gospel to women and children who have fled the civil war of South Sudan and are in refugee camps in northern Uganda. We would like to provide encouraging scriptures to the refugees. We are looking to raise $25,000 or more to help send life-saving supplies this summer.
    • $25 can help provide 400 meals to a hungry refugee child;
    • $50 can help offer critical medical aid to those who are injured;
    • $12,500 can send a 40’ container of life-saving supplies to help thousands!
  • Across the U.S., Somebody Cares chapters, centers, and ministry partners reach out to homeless, low-income, and single-parent families with the love of Christ and help in preparing children for the coming school year. For $20 you can provide a backpack and essential school supplies for a child to get ready for school. And every family encounters the love of God at distribution events! We hope to reach a minimum of 1,000 children this year so our goal is $20,000! Donations are needed by mid-July to ensure backpacks are ready for the school year!
  • Hope for Prisoners: In Search of a Father’s Blessing is used in prison and juvenile detention facility Bible studies and by inmates for personal growth. Lives are being transformed by these paperback missionaries! Please help TPMI provide more of these life-changing books to prisons so inmates can learn of the love of their Heavenly Father. Our goal is $2,500 or more to provide hundreds of books for ministry in prisons and juvenile detention facilities.
  • Leadership Awakening: We are living in very different times than just a few short years ago. The challenges Christians face are multiplying as society rapidly shifts to a post-Christian culture. Leaders today need to be encouraged, equipped, and empowered for a new season of harvest as together we seek the mind, heart, and strategies of God for this hour. That is why we need to host additional Leadership Awakening gatherings across the country. A former mayor and pastor who attended our first gathering shared, “I don’t normally speak up like this; but this teaching is so powerful that it needs to go out to everyone. It’s what the Lord is wanting to do in this hour. We all need to support this endeavor.” We have multiple requests for additional gatherings and need $50,000 of seed and scholarship funding to begin planning and to bring in frontline leaders who are serving in low-income and unreached areas. Funding can also help get the book into the hands of more state and national legislators. If you have a heart for leaders, please consider a generous donation to bring Leadership Awakening to more communities.

Prayerfully consider where you can help and make your generous donation today! Thank you for caring!