Kimberly, Della and Scott* were elated to receive new teddy bears!

Their home was destroyed by the string of tornados that hit the Moore, OK area in late May.  Pastor Chris Neisent of Somebody Cares partner, Destiny Church Center, and a team of volunteers came upon their family as they took relief into the damaged community.  These precious children were helping their Mom and Dad sort through the rubble of what once was their home. Pastor Neisent shared, “this family lives down the street from Briarwood Elementary which was taken down by the tornado. They are out in the yard sorting through what’s left. The Somebody Cares bears you provided, brought relief to them as they sort through and take it all in.”  You can’t imagine what receiving a brand new teddy bear, cold water, hot meals or a listening hear means to those who have lost everything.

Partners like Destiny Church, who have been working with us since the beginning of relief efforts, are vital. Destiny serves as a warehouse and distribution point. Food, water and supplies are sent out from there to be given to affected families. Care packages and more than 300 Somebody Cares Bears have been distributed by teams sent into the Disaster Zone.

Another partner has donated the use of a refrigerated truck so ice, meat, produce and other essentials are kept cold while ministry teams prepare meals for volunteers and residents.

In much of the disaster area power is still out, and no one knows when it will be restored. There is currently a great need for portable generators and for window air conditioning units. Families whose homes were damaged but not destroyed need them to make repairs and cool their homes until power is restored.

Please continue to pray for children like Kimberly, Della and Scott, as well as their families.  The road to recovery is a long one. And please consider an extra financial gift at this time.  There are many other children and families who need help; and financial support is the best way to leverage the greatest supply of resources and meet unexpected needs.

As always, thank you for caring.