covington flood 0316 2Children have lost their beds.  Parents have lost their cars.  Families who have experienced flooding 2 or 3 times are distraught, not knowing where to turn.

Flood waters still fill homes in some communities around Houston and more rain is expected this week.  Thousands upon thousands of families need help!

Somebody Cares has been coordinating assessment teams and aid throughout the Greater Houston area since the flooding began last week.  The list of needs continues to pour in, and far outstrip out ability to help — unless friends and partners like you join us!

Please read some of the needs and prayerfully consider what you can do:

  • 179 families in the Biscayne Apartments lost furniture, bedding, vehicles & more!
  • The children’s ministry of Gateway Church in Hockley was flooded: cribs, toy boxes, computers — everything must be replaced.
  • Thousands of cars were flooded beyond repair and parents need metro passes to get to work.
  • Communities in Bear Creek still have standing water due to on-going rains. Families need storage units for salvaged goods, household items, and taxi fares.
  • And that is just the beginning

Please pray about what you can do!

  • $25 can provide hot meals for families cleaning out flooded apartments/homes
  • $50 can give a single Mom a Metro pass to get to work this month
  • $75 can provide diapers,disinfectants and other necessities to parents trying to care for small children in now unsanitary conditions
  • $100 can assist a family replace household items damaged by floodwaters
  • $150 can help provide a twin mattress set for a child who lost his/her bed
  • $300 can help replace a queen mattress set for parents in need
  • $1,000 can offer a flooded family a new start with beds, bedding, towels and other essentials
  • $5,000 can replace children’s ministry items at Gateway or other churches that sustained damage.

Somebody Cares is hosting an outreach this Saturday, April 30th at the Biscayne Apartment Complex.  Financial donations for the outreach are also needed.

Somebody Cares also continues to help flood victims in Southeast Texas.

Please pray for these families, and give generously if you can!
You can give online, or text “icare” to 77977 for easy Mobile Giving (text and data charges may apply).

Please pray for all of our on-site partners, many of them sacrificially serving others in the midst of their own losses.

Thank you for caring!