Miracles happened on Sept 25th as over 850 volunteers from 27 churches and organizations came together through Somebody Cares St. Augustine’s CareFest to be tangible expressions of God’s love throughout the community.

Volunteers from 14 different denominations united to serve the city as they worked at 72 different locations. They performed everything from repair projects, building projects, and painting to yard work and plumbing. Over 4,000 hours of community service and tens of thousands of dollars in goods and services were provided free of charge to the disadvantaged during CareFest 2010. In addition to providing service, prayer teams were available to minister to the spiritual needs of those we served. Among the many testimonies that prayer teams recounted, is the story of a hope that arose from hardship. One of the

prayer team members’ car broke down, another team saw them and stopped to help. As they were looking at the car a young man also stopped. They found out that he was an out of work construction worker so they took a moment to pray with him. Soon another car stopped to see what was going on – it was a man who was building a home, and gave the young man a job! The community viewed CareFest 2010 as a huge success and a good idea. Somebody Cares St. Augustine sees it as a miracle and a God idea! Join Somebody Cares through your gift today, and provide a miracle for someone in need! Donate now!