The Net that Works is meeting desperate needs in Louisiana!

“Yesterday morning we received our first load of cleaning supplies at Living Way Church,” reports SCA’s Mark Roye. “Our great partners at Midwest Food Bank in Bloomington, Illinois, provided cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, Clorox, and more for the people to start cleaning up from what they have left.”

With no power and no stores or restaurants open, the site has been serving over 2,000 hot meals each day and distributing water and other items to help those in need.

Thanks to Mercury One, Midwest Food Bank, and so many others who have given to make all this possible. 

It’s the NET that WORKS, bringing hope in times of crisis! Thank you for caring!

Click the link below for Mark’s video: 

Sept 3 update from Houma, Louisiana

CLICK HERE  for a list of current needs.