We need more of God in our personal lives, our communities and our nation.  The only way to reverse the spiritual decline we have been witnessing for decades, is through the heartfelt repentance of God’s people which results in turning away from sin and embracing righteousness.  As many of us are learning, that is a journey that has key markers along the way.

The Response on August 6th, 2011 was one of those markers.  Tens of thousands of people gathered from around the United States to pray and fast for our nation at the invitation of Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Another key marker occurred on January 24th, 2015.  Thousands of people gathered at Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the invitation of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for The Response: LA.

Both events were a call to prayer for a nation in crisis, a solemn assembly to pray, worship and fast for our nation. As Governor Jindal put it, this event was for “People from all ages, denominations, ethnic and racial backgrounds to gather to pray and fast for America, asking God for mercy and grace for what we Christians have allowed in our nation. May His church have a corporate heart awakening to bring healing to the soul of America.”

Only one name was preeminent and worshipped at The Response in Houston and Baton Rouge, and His name is Jesus.

Somebody Cares was honored to serve the process and help coordinate these events.  I was blessed to moderate them, as humble saints of God cried out to Him for another Awakening in our land. Words can not express how powerful these days were as thousands came together across racial, denominational and generational lines in prayer, worship and fasted-ness as we humbly renewed our consecration before the Lord.

As meaningful and moving as these events have been, they are only steps in our journey of Awakening.  More of The Response events are being planned across the country to continue our cry for God’s intervention.  And while corporate events like these are important, it is more critical that we continue to walk in a spirit of humility, unity and love moving forward.

We have included a link to the 21 Devotionals used to prepare our hearts for The Response: LA.  We invite you to use them, even now, in preparation for where God takes us next.

Please join with us on this journey towards an Awakening.  Your community, our nation and the world needs God to break through yet again!