by Susie Wolf

Can you imagine what it’s like for a child to not have a bed to lay on, clothes for school, or food in the pantry? Such is the case for Ben* and his parents and many others who are, in fact, starting over.

At just 8 years old, Ben has experienced a devastating loss, along with his family and thousands of other families across the Greater Houston area. While speaking in Spanish with his mother, I learned that all of their worldly possessions are gone due to Hurricane Harvey and the ensuing flooding. What is left is a shell of a small home.

Through partnerships with organizations nationwide and collaboration with churches, including Living Word Fellowship Church, we were able to provide Ben’s parents with cleaning supplies, tools, and yes, a cuddly Somebody Cares Bear. That is the message we share, “Somebody Cares.” We are privileged to join with others in being an extension of God’s love to Ben and his parents and many others devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Houston has a long road ahead toward recovery, but thanks to friends and partners like you, our neighbors know that they are not alone. Somebody DOES Care and will walk them through this process.

I had the opportunity to share about Jesus with Ben and his parents. They even were open to prayer. These are seeds we planted together. Thank you for being a tangible expression of Christ in a time of overwhelming need.

Thank you to partner organizations like Midwest Food Bank, Mercury One, Matter, International Aid, Austin Disaster Relief Network, CitiImpact, Hands In Service, The Lindell Foundation, God’s Pitt Crew, Society of St. Andrews, Christian Disaster Relief, Hill Country Daily Bread, and many more for providing desperately needed support of many kinds to serve Harvey impacted families! 

* Name changed