Our staff has reviewed all of our posts from “A Word in Season with Doug Stringer and Friends” and selected the podcasts below as the Top 10 to begin 2021! Listen now and be equipped, challenged, and encouraged as we journey together through this year!

#10. Episode 1: Too Far To Quit
Our desire to win must be greater than our moments of challenges so we can be a help to others. To serve our generation we must leave an imprint of the characteristics of the Kingdom of God. God did not call us to just start the race, but to finish it and finish well!

#9. Episode 8: Church-Quake
There is a battle for the heart of the Church and the soul of a generation. That is why it’s important for us to be honest with God and with ourselves, and make sure we have set righteous parameters or non-negotiables.

#8. Episode 11: Leading the Revolutionary Generation with Mike Rosas 
We have a generation that’s created to fight, but sadly the Church has not given them a battle worth fighting. The stark difference between Millennials and previous generations is so blatant, questions echo across the world as past generations try to understand this phenomenon. After over a decade of working with Millennials, Mike Rosas has compiled biblical principles and valuable experiences that can help the previous generations better connect and lead the next generation into their destiny.

#7. Episode 18: Power of Desperate Prayer
Doug explains the Power of desperate prayer to transform circumstances and change nations. We simply cannot hit our snooze buttons any longer while ignoring the sounding warning and alarms around us…we must respond! We must answer the call to pray! We desperately need God to intervene.

#6. Episode 24: Preparing for the Next Move of God with Jodie Chiricosta
Are we ready to steward the next move of God? By examining the lives of three biblical figures, Jodie Chiricosta shares how we can avoid wrong choices, safeguard ourselves against the traps of Satan, and be prepared to influence the next generation for Christ.

#5. Episode 77: A Vessel God Can Use
When God looks for men and women to use in His service, He searches for people whose lives align with the Gospel and His kingdom. He entrusts His resources to people who display the character of His Son, King Jesus. Whether you are a leader called to pastor a church, manage a company, lead a nonprofit organization, or impact some other area of society, you are a sacred steward of God’s resources and gifts! Listen as Doug shares keys to being a vessel God can use in this hour!

#4. Episode 59: Breach or Bridge? Revelation for Breakthrough!
Are you waiting for a breakthrough in some area of your life? Is there a pattern in your life that is difficult to change? In this podcast, Doug shares how struggles can be linked to a breakdown in relationship – relationship to God and relationship to those He has placed in our lives. If you have questions about what it means to honor God’s authorities in your life, you will find answers today. We pray that as you listen, God will give you revelation for breakthrough in your life! He is the master of breakthroughs!

#3. Episode 66: Resilient Leaders During Tough Times
Now more than ever we need courageous leaders! Major General (Retired) Robert F. “Bob” Dees draws from 31+ years of military, business, and ministry background to unpack for us how to have resilient leadership as a person, as a minister of the Gospel, and as a leader in the community.

#2. Episode 67: Could This Be Our Nehemiah Moment?
Like in Nehemiah’s time, we need the Providential intervention of the Lord in our day! Join Doug Stringer as he unpacks Nehemiah’s prayer and shares how we can apply it in our lives now to prepare for the supernatural work of God. Like Nehemiah, we need the Lord’s manifold wisdom, favor and guidance for the days ahead!

#1. Episode 94: Government of the Lamb and the Lion
As followers of Jesus, we cannot be beholden to the Donkey Party or the Elephant Party. We must choose to express and stand for biblical convictions under the government of the Lamb and the Lion. The only unshakable kingdom is the Kingdom of the Lord, and we the Church must still love each other in our disagreements if we are to help others find their place in the Kingdom. Join Doug as he shares the long view, as we move beyond election 2020.

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