“The earthquake situation is far worse than expected,” wrote one of our ministry partners working on-site in Turkey and Syria.

“We have identified dozens of displaced Iranians and Afghani refugees who are being shipped out of the affected area to find shelter anywhere they can. Our team in Antalya will house up to 50 people, and they are getting ready for that. But there are several hundred more…”

Another SCAI Network partner, Pastor Rafoul Najem with SC New England, received this message from a pastor in Lebanon:  “I got an SOS call from Aleppo churches for urgent relief! It is freezing cold, and people lost their homes. It is 5:40am, and I am heading to Aleppo by car with a truck full of blankets, carpets, sleeping bags, and some cash for food, gas, and accommodation. Please pray for me and our team of three.”

Thankfully, the team arrived at the Syrian border safely and was able to report: “We’ve found grace and favor in the eyes of the authorities at the borders. The checkpoint leader was crying  when he saw our love. They are desperate! They gave us their phone numbers in case of emergencies. In 10 minutes we passed through 15 checkpoints. They saw the recommendation letter from the general head of the border and let us pass with lots of love and joy. What a miracle!”

They plan to organize field visits weekly.

The situation is dire! Over 22,000 have died, and the UN estimates up to 5 million people in Syria alone have been left homeless.

Your generous gift today will enable to us to wire funds directly to our contacts serving on the ground so they can obtain materials quickly and transport them immediately where they are needed!

Please click Earthquake Response in the drop-down menu on our donation page, and your gift will be forwarded to these partners who are working on-site.

In addition, please pray for:

* Those who are still trapped to be found and rescued;
* Safety for rescue workers and protection from the cold;
* Protection for all from recurring aftershocks;
* The many families who have lost loved ones in this tragedy;
* Local pastors and churches who are reaching out to aid in those communities;
* Favor for relief workers at checkpoints and no theft from their luggage;
* That many would experience the tangible love of Jesus during this time.

Thank you for caring!