CRI Volunteers Aiding Refugees in IraqHundreds of Christian and other refugees have crowded into an abandoned building our partners rented in the Kurdish town of Erbil after fleeing ISIS militants. They have been given Bibles, water, food and other relief supplies. We are supporting Crisis Response International, which has a team on the ground serving the refugees. The team, at risk to their own lives, continues to minister to thousands of people driven from their communities by ISIS. The team leads the people in prayer & worship, shares the Gospel and sees people coming to Christ. Even in the midst of grave danger these people are being filled with the

hope that only Jesus can give. A few days ago ISIS moved into the area and came within 10 minutes of that building, forcing the families to flee to the mountains. Recent Peshmerga and U.S. airstrikes have pushed ISIS back so it is once again safe to travel into these areas and follow up with the families who stayed. The team will continue ministering and meeting basic needs as provisions allow. God has opened this building to use as a place of refuge. We hope to assist in providing these families food, medicine, hygiene items, blankets, shoes and clothing as they search for a way to restart their lives. Many have also been traumatized as they have seen loved ones viciously murdered by the militants; the team is also comforting and praying with them. Millions of people have also fled fighting in Syria. Many have crossed into Lebanon and Jordan. Countless men have been killed, leaving women and children defenseless. Some of the women are even turning to prostitution to feed their families. Additional ministry partners are working there to bring in food, hygiene items, blankets and more to help these refugees. Of course they are also offering the hope that only Christ can give. Across another border there has been massive destruction in Gaza due to Hamas terrorist activities there and Israel’s justified defense of its’ citizens and borders. Unfortunately Christians living in Gaza have suffered untold hardship. Many of their homes have been destroyed; family members killed or badly injured; and jobs lost. They are experiencing extreme shortages of basic necessities. Ministry friends located in that region are asking for funds to secure food, medicine, rent for displaced families, bedding, fuel and more. God has positioned Somebody Cares to be a conduit of blessing to thousand upon thousands of desperate people in the Middle East. Our partners on the ground are on the front lines helping people who are fleeing for their lives with little but the clothes on their backs. (Due to security concerns, we have not named all of those organizations.) We are living in a world of challenges and global uncertainties, causing despair and fear for many. But God has placed His Church here to be salt and light. Luke 21 tells of famines, earthquakes, pestilence, uprisings, wars, and other shakings; then goes on to encourage us to let these times be an occasion for our testimony! (Luke 21:13) With your help we can respond to these crises! A gift of $100, $50 or even $25 can make a huge difference for these desperate families as a testimony of Christ. Help Now!