The situation on the ground with the Ukraine crisis is ever changing as rockets fly, battles on the ground erupt, roadblocks are erected, people try to flee, and supplies dwindle. The one constant is the fervent prayer of the saints in Ukraine and for Ukraine.

Doug Stringer, through our relationships with Grace International as well as Foursquare International, is getting situation updates from churches throughout Ukraine. The needs are growing, and aid will be needed for a long time.

As an initial response, our partner CRI is deploying an advance team to set up a relief base with a church partner in Krakow, Poland. They will be on ground by Friday. From there, teams will begin caring for refugees who have fled the fighting by providing meals, prayer, and other essentials. They will also cross the border into Ukraine to give assistance.

We are working to secure combat medical kits (containing necessary supplies to stem catastrophic bleeding and address airway, respiratory, and burn issues), combat safety gear, and other resources to open a supply line for refugees leaving as well as Ukrainians remaining in the country.

As additional avenues for assistance open up, Somebody Cares will respond as the Lord directs.

Here is how your donation can help:

$ 50 – can help ship donated combat safety gear
$ 100 – can provide 1 combat medical kit
$ 250 – can help feed hundreds of fleeing families
$ 500 – can give blankets and other essentials to refugees
 – can assist churches in Ukraine providing shelter for and food to the displaced

Any amount will help!

Will you join us with a gift today? Click HERE and select “Ukrainian Crisis” in the drop-down menu.

Thank you for caring!


Please continue praying. On February 24, the morning of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, Doug Stringer joined other faith leaders in call to urgent prayer and action. Here is a link to an article with the responses from Doug and others leaders. Below are prayer points by our friends at Intercessors for America:

  • God’s protection over all cities and villages of Ukraine;
  • Strengthening of Ukrainian defenders;
  • Supernatural wisdom and strength of the President of Ukraine, the Military General Staff, and all leaders in the state, heads of regional state administrations, and territorial communities;
  • Security, wisdom, and vision of Ukrainian diplomacy in negotiations with partners. For negotiations with the aggressor to stop hostilities;
  • Preventing the landing of additional enemy troops;
  • The Russian elites to put pressure on Putin to withdraw;
  • The Russians and Belarusians to overcome their fear of the Kremlin regime by going to rallies in every Russian city against the war with the demand to remove Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine;
  • The final victory of Ukraine, the return of stolen lands, and peace!