Somebody Cares continues in our response to the Ukraine war crisis. Last month, SCAI donated solar powered Ukrainian audio Bibles to relief partner Edward Smith from Mission Harvest, who delivered them to churches, along with soldiers and civilians on the front lines.

One pastor (on the left in photo above) is taking the audio Bibles into villages that are being destroyed by constant bombardments. “He goes in and out of the war zone ministering to people who for various reasons cannot leave or refuse to leave,” Edward said. “He is an incredible man of God who calls these people his flock.” Three of the audio bibles are going to three sisters who are also the last people left in their village, and they have no power. “They just came to the Lord because of this pastor, and he is excited they can do Bible studies listening to the audio Bibles!”

Somebody Cares also provided solar powered audio Bibles for Grace International, which were distributed to some of their church leaders in Ukraine.

Please give today and continue to pray for all of those affected by the war and for all those on the front-lines responding in the name of Jesus!