When Your Whole World Changes, You Need to Know that

Somebody Cares

      Injured several years ago in an accident, “Don” has struggled to care for his family including his wife and four children.  In addition, his wife has long-term health issues and to make matters more intense, on September 13, 2008, here came IKE.  Discouraged from the damage their house sustained during the storm, Don wasn’t sure how they would recover. Once operating his own Construction Company, Don was unable to make the necessary repairs to his own home.

“This has been a life-changing experience; you all have restored my faith in people”, Don was grateful to share after a group of teens helped them this Summer. WORK CAMPS provided physical labor, encouragement and hope for many families whose homes were still ravaged by IKE’s devastation.  Teens from Youth Groups in cities across the Nation came to Texas’ Gulf Coast to be the Tangible Expression of Christ to our communities.

Don’s family was one of the recipients of their aid. Somebody Cares furnished drywall, insulation and the labor to both clean up the debris and install the new insulation and sheetrock in several rooms. Hanging the ceilings in particular was a huge challenge for him since he has damaged discs in his vertebrae, so this was the first area that they repaired. Don shared that because of his disability, “I’d lost all hope that we would ever have our home back. I now see through the good deeds of others that we will not be homeless. We prayed and God answered! Thank you guys!”

He continued to share how they also experienced God’s great protection during the storm.  All six of the family members huddled in one remaining small bedroom. As the home was gutted following the storm, they found an area in the ceiling where wiring had been smoldering intermittently – very close to where the children had been sleeping. The burned area was noticeable but praise God it had been extinguished! God’s hand was truly on Don’s family.

Though their trials are not over, young people restored their hope that the Lord will provide. Your ongoing support to Somebody Cares makes all this possible!

Give a gift today to continue changing lives on a daily basis. Thank you for Caring!