“It was such a blessing for us to be a part of the Somebody Cares Christmas Blessing,” said Natalie, a volunteer from SC Houston partner Calvary Community Church who delivered gifts with her daughter. After picking up the presents from the church, Natalie called the mother of the family to arrange for delivery.

“She was so grateful,” Natalie recalls. “She shared that she had not ever requested help before—she is the one who usually helps others. But this year she would not be able to put anything under the tree for her kids and therefore relinquished her pride and submitted a request for help.”

Before leaving home to meet her, Natalie noticed a note saying the family must really be in need because they hadn’t asked for any toys for the kids, just clothing. They met in a Walmart parking lot ahead of going to her house so to give her the gifts. Then Natalie and her daughter followed her home to deliver a gift for the mom, meet the kids, and pray with them.

“Afterward, the Holy Spirit touched my daughter’s heart about the kids getting clothes and no toys. We decided to get them each a gift, then we contacted their mom for ideas. We quickly purchased them, and I arranged to meet her on Christmas Eve.”

That night, the mother shared how grateful she was for the time of prayer on her front stoop during the first gift delivery. She said her older son had been questioning his faith and that they had just discussed it a few nights prior.

“After we prayed, the Spirit had prompted me to ask each kid straight out if they know Jesus and if He is their Lord and Savior. Each child responded ‘yes.’”

This was an answered prayer, for her son to have to respond to the direct question. “I was as blessed as she was to hear how the Spirit had woven that moment together for two moms of teenagers. I had orchestrated the visit to show my child how to have empathy for others and go out of your way to serve. The Lord had orchestrated it for her son to see the love of Christ in others and for her to have public confirmation of his faith.

“Before we left our second meeting we prayed for wisdom as mothers of teens and for the Lord’s purposes to be accomplished in all of our lives.”

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