Episodes 201+ 


Stories of Advent, Christmas and Beyond (Ep. 239)

On the Hinge of History – Lou Engle and Doug Stringer (Ep. 238)

The Reason for the Season, through the eyes of Luke (Ep. 237)

God says, “You’ve Got this!” (Ep. 236)

Attracting God’s Presence (Ep. 235)


When God Manifests His Presence (Ep. 234)

Praying for Israel and the Crisis in the Middle East (Ep. 233)


Live Unconquered, with Adam Davis (Ep. 232)


Day of Atonement – It Is Written – It Is Sealed (Ep. 231)


God Wants Your Limp! (Ep. 230)


The Adventure of Leadership, Insights with Dr. Mark Rutland (Ep. 229)



The Church-Quake Is Coming; Are You Ready? (Ep. 228)





Droughts & Fires, Rains & Floods


August 28, 2023









Raw, Real, Redemptive with guests Rob Diaz and Paul Lin (Ep. 225)




Our Circumstances Do Not Limit God (Ep. 224)





 Legalizing of Recreational Drugs with Luke Niforatos (Ep. 223)




Generations, Together Making History (Ep. 222)




Reflecting and Remembering God’s Prophetic Providence (Ep. 221)





Stand Courageous To Be the Man God Has Called You to Be (Ep. 220)








Beyond Pentecost – Praise, Pray, Present (Ep. 219)







Memorial Day & Pentecost: Freedom & Liberty (Ep. 218)










Zoe-Life….Your words matter! (Ep. 217)


May 22, 2023








Significance of Isaiah 62 Fast (Ep. 216)


May 15, 2023






Pray for Israel, Join The Isaiah 62 Fast (Ep. 215)


May 8, 2023




We Need Ears To Hear, Eyes to See, Hearts Awakened! (Ep. 214)


May 1, 2023






Exposing to Heal Issues of the Heart (Ep. 213)


April 24, 2023





Are We Ripe For Revival? (Ep. 212)







Serve The Lord Where He Places You, with Col. Gary Nelson (Ep. 211)


April 10, 2023





God is Moving, with John Ruttkay, friend of Lonnie Firsbee (Ep. 210)


April 3, 2023



What Did Jesus Really Do For Us? (Ep. 209)


March 27, 2023





The Jesus Movement and Beyond, by Love Song’s Chuck Girard (Ep. 208)


March 13, 2023





Time for A GenEdge Miracle…a modern day Jesus Revolution (Episode 207)


February 27, 2023








What attracts His presence? HUNGER for His Presence (Episode 206)


February 20, 2023 







Revival Is Born Out of The Storms of Life (Episode 205)


February 13, 2023







God Has A Greater Playbook for Change (Episode 204)


February 6, 2023






Awaken Our Hearts, Oh God (Episode 203)


January 30, 2023






Create in Me A Clean Heart (Episode 203)


January 23, 2023






Majesty: Honoring the Life of Jack Hayford (Episode 202)


January 9, 2023




Posturing Yourself for the New Year (Episode 201)


January 2, 2023